U. S. Air Force

U. S. Army

Will Alexander PFC US Army
Raymond B. Avery CAPT US Army
Claude L. Barbour PVT US Army
Richard M. Blake 2LT US Army
Ledyard H. Cargill PVT US Army
Eugene Clay PVT US Army
Calvin J. Cobb Jr. SSG US Army
James W. Counts SGT US Army
William E. Dunson 1LT US Army
Walker L. Evans PFC US Army
Everage V. Gilmore SGT US Army
Leon D. Hampton PFC US Army
William B. Henderson PFC US Army
Grover S. Hunt SGT US Army
Tricy L. Ingle PFC US Army
John S. Jones SGT US Army
Charlie A. McCord PVT US Army
Phillip R. Mills PFC US Army
Jack A. Morton PVT US Army
James C. Motley TEC5 US Army
Thomas J. Patrick Jr. PVT US Army
Luzell Sea PVT US Army
William L. Starcher 2LT US Army
Aubrey N. Strickland SGT US Army
Carl F. Strickland SGT US Army
Eugene M. Thomas Jr. 1LT US Army
Carl E. Tomberlin PFC US Army
William F. Tompkins Jr. MAJ US Army
Ernest M. Trice 2LT US Army
Leo C. Wallace PFC US Army
Dorsie Woods Jr. TEC5 US Army
Floyd J. Wright PVT US Army

U. S. Coast Guard

U. S. Marine Corps

U. S. Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and photos or your servicemen that fought in World War II. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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